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Mandala A Sampler of Dream Scout International Program Activities

Each of the Dream Scouts from the Dream Scouts Adventure Books represents a particular area of dreaming and self-understanding. That is, in the books, the character demonstrates particular dreaming skills, and in the Dream Scouts International Program the character will “mentor” the area of those skills.


Hector Kuri-Gonzalez (Sueño)

The Roots of Dreaming

Understanding Dreams


Hector Kuri-Gonzalez (Sueño)
In understanding dreams, we all begin at the roots of dreaming, acknowledging the dream exists everywhere in the world, and that we can be connected with dreaming.
Aspect of Dreaming   Activity
How to Remember Dreams              Five Ways to Remember Dreams
Dream Journaling  How to Keep a Dream Journal
(or work with journaling software)
Who Am I? Exercise: How to Tell Ourselves Apart from
Someone Else
Understanding Symbols Story: The Jumping Mouse


Daniel “Walking Tree” Logan (Tracker)

Direction: The South

Dream Tracking


Daniel "Walking Tree" Logan (Tracker)
The South is the area in which we learn to pay attention to small things, to love nature (including our own) and to follow where the dream can lead us.
Aspect of Dreaming  Activity
Becoming the Dream Animal


How to Feel the Dream Body
Sleep on It!   Using Dream Incubation for
Tracking Solutions to Problems
Dream Adventures   Writing a Story About A Continuing
Dream Adventure
Tracking the Borders


What Lies Beyond the Edge of the


Miriam Makeba Brown (Dream Healer)

Direction: The West

Dream Healing


Miriam Makeba Brown (Dream Healer)
In the direction of introspection, the West, we learn to understand ourselves more deeply. Through understanding ourselves, we also learn about compassion, not just for ourselves but for others, and for the world we live in. From self awareness comes healing.
Aspect of Dreaming  Activity
Meditation      Exercise:   Walking the Way of the Dream 
Working With Nightmares      Story:  Walking My Monster in the Park
Who’s Got the Medicine?   Report: Where Have Dreams Been Used in Healing?
Dream Healing     Exercise: An Exercise in Dream Healing


Wen Ch’en (Jenny) T’sering (The Listener)

Direction: The North



Wen Ch'en (Jenny) T'sering (The Listener)
The North is the direction of Wisdom, of clear understanding. In order to understand oneself, it is necessary to listen, not just with our ears, but with the entire body, including the dreaming body. Under-standing allows us to create from the heart.
Aspect of Dreaming  Activity
Paying Attention     Exercise: Listening With Our Eyes/Seeing With Our Ears
Empowering the Dream       Story: Dreams for the Listener
Art From Dreams      Creating A Dream Drama
Mutual Dreaming        Activity:Riding on the Peace Train


Lucy McNair (Lucid Dreamer)

Direction: The East

Lucid Dreaming


Lucy McNair (Lucid Dreamer)
The East is the direction of the clear light of sunrise although, like Icarus, we must take care not to fly too close to the sun, unless our wings are firm and strongly made. Dream lucidity opens whole new vistas of possibility.
Aspect of Dreaming  Activity
Flying Dreams Contest: Finding the Most Inventive Ways to Fly
Hypnogogia/Hypnopompia Exercise: Staying Awake Between Waking and Sleeping
Shamanic Dreaming  What is a Shaman?
Dream Lucidity Exercise: Looking in the Dream Mirror


Charles McNair (Trickster)

Direction: The Living Tree

Change and Transformation
Charles McNair (Trickster)
In many dreaming cultures, the Trickster appears. The Trickster teaches us that once we think we have learned all about something, there’s a whole new level of learning to be achieved. The Trickster is sometimes serious, sometimes playful, but always inventive.
Aspect of Dreaming  Activity
Dreams as the Learning Place   Exercise: Practicing a Sport or Skill in Dreams
Dreams Just for Fun   Noticing Jokes and Puns in Dreams
Shape Changing/Time Traveling  Story: The Ugly Duckling
Who Am I Now?    Self Evaluation


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