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There are many people who have helped bring the Dream Scouts to this stage of their existence.
 I would like to thank:

Richard Wilkerson for his magnificent work on the Dream Scout web pages, and for having the idea to put this online in the first place,

Harry Bosma for his enthusiastic support and the ongoing development of the Dream Scout dream journaling software,

Elizabeth Diaz for her support in many phases of the creative process,

Anne Armistead for editorial assistance and loving kindness,

and all of the folks on World Dreams Peace Bridge who have brought joy to my life in a time of world conflict.

The Dream Scout drawings are mine, as are any errors in this work. If you would like to offer assistance in developing the Dream Scouts concept, contact me at jccampb@aol.com . Or, if you would like to financially support the growth of the Dream Scouts International Program, send a check clearly marked as "Dream Scouts donation" to:

The iMAGE Project
408 Elmhurst Lane
Portsmouth VA 23701


Girl with Puppet - Jean Campbell
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Tibetan mandala : photo by Lucy Almitra
Tibetan mandala
photo by Lucy Almitra




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