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Dream Scouts International Program


Under The Crystal Tree : The Adventure Begins...



Dream Scouts International Program - Crystal Tree

Girl with Puppet - Jean CampbellLucy McNair thinks that she will never encounter another lucid dreamer, let alone any of the people she meets in her dreams under the crystal tree, but then her brother Charles (Trickster) introduces her to his skateboarding friend, Danny.

Together, Danny and Lucy convince Trickster that lucid dreaming is possible, and when Trickster finds himself face-to-face in dream state with Wen Ch'en T'sering, the adventure begins. Together with a magical, long-haired dog, who is able to bridge the gap between dreams and waking reality, Lucy, her brother, and Danny manage to rescue Wen Ch'en (Jenny) and her grandmother from a pair of thieving street toughs and, in the process, encounter the rest of the Dream Scouts, who meet under the crystal tree.

This Dream Scouts Adventure is only the first of many, involving the Dream Scouts and their friends.

To download and read Chapter One of Under the Crystal Tree, or to view a PDF file, simply click on thUnder the Crystal Tree - Chapter One (PDF)  e buttons to your right. We hope you will enjoy what you see and ask for more.


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