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Dream Scouts International ProgramHorn Boy - Dream Scouts International Program

The Dream Scouts International Program is an interactive program through which dreamers of all ages can learn more about dreams and multiculturalism.  The Dream Scouts, in fact the entire Dream Scouts International Program, is a work in progress, one in which people are already enjoying a new way of having fun with dreams.


Any one of any age can become a Dream Scout, though we hope that young people of all ages will find a home here.  The Dream Scouts developed from one person saying, "When I was growing up, I would have much rather been a Dream Scout than a Boy Scout."  Not that other types of scouting are not fun, but where else can you earn badges for learning how to fly--without an airplane?

The Dream Scouts Adventure Books
,and the characters who populate them, are an important part of this program, because the fictional Dream Scouts serve as a model for friendship and adventure, both in and out of dream state.  You can Meet the Dream Scouts and read more about them here in the Dream Scouts pages.

Dream Scouts International is first being developed as an online program, even though we hope eventually to see Dream Scouts troops in every neighborhood.  As part of an online program, Scouts will have the opportunity to interact with other people all over the world through our safe and password-protected web pages.

Together with members of The World Dreams Peace Bridge and their Kids on the Bridge Program, the iMAGE Project hopes to develop connections between dreamers around the world.  For all who can pay for the Dream Scouts International Program, there is a nominal fee to cover administrative costs and the many hours of work from the people involved in making the program possible.  However, young people in many parts of the world cannot afford the cost of such a program.  Thus we encourage your donations, as they will help us provide Dream Scouting to low-income families on a case-by-case basis.


The Dream Scouts International Program is loosely based on the Medicine Wheel of certain Native American tribes, in the sense that we all come equipped with certain dreaming skills and developing new skills can begin at any point on the wheel.   Yet there are certain dream activities, represented by the Dream Scouts, which coincide with the four cardinal directions as well as the roots and the crown of the Crystal Tree, which stands as the lodge pole in the center of the circle.  Scouts will progress through the various types of dreaming skills which can be learned on this path.

For a Virtual Tour of the types of activities awaiting Dream Scouts, begin here


During 2004, a group of kids, parents and staff drawn from around the United States and Australia tested out the prototype of the Dream Scouts International Program for twelve weeks.  Additionally, the Dream Scouts material was introduced to experts in the fields of dreams, creativity and intercultural communications.  Here are some of the things they said about the program. click here


Jean Campbell is a writer, dream worker and educator, who has worked with dreams since the early 1970s.  She has taught English and creative writing at the high school and college levels, and conducted research on the relationship between creativity and intuition.  She dreamed many aspects of the Dream Scouts International Program and the Dream Scouts themselves before beginning to write the Dream Scouts Adventure Books or create the Dream Scouts International Program.  For more about the author and creator of the Dream Scouts International Program, go here


If you would like to become a Dream Scout, give a gift of Scouting to a friend, or support the growth of the Dream Scouts International Program, click here for further information

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