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Eight Week Trial Membership

Want to just try out the Dream Scouts International Program for a few weeks?  Because Dream Scouting is based on individual learning as well as active interchange, we invite you to give Dream Scouting a try.  Then, if you like it, you can sign up for more.  The Eight Week Trial Membership includes all of the benefits of annual membership, though some activities will be exclusive to long-term members.
Trial Membership $35


Annual Membership

Because The Dream Scouts International Program allows Scouts to travel independently through the many activities and exercises available, each Scout will be working on activities, corresponding via email with Dream Scouts staff, and learning at an individual rate.  Simultaneously though, Scouts are invited to participate in group activities, and correspond with one another and staff through the on site Bulletin Board. Annual Membership $185



All Dream Scouts Receive

  • The Monthly Dream Scouts International E-Newsletter

  • Up to date news on the latest Dream Scouts developments, features, and articles (some written by the Scouts themselves)

  • Downloads of Activity Pages, Stories and Articles

  • Bulletin Board access to Dream Scouts in other parts of the World  

    • Bulletin Boards are moderated, a safely password protected.  

    • Discussion of dreams on the Bulletin Boards is not for the purpose of dream interpretation, but
      for the purpose of learning to enjoy and value dreaming.

  • E-Mail interaction with Dream Scouts International staff

    • We attempt to personalize this program to every extent possible, but staff time is limited.  

    • E-mail correspondence will be used for all private matters.

  • Future Features

    What's in the future for the Dream Scouts International Program?

    We believe that dreams do come true.  Just as the Dream Scouts International Program, and the fictional Dream Scouts themselves, first appeared in dreams we believe that whatever we can dream up might just happen.  Therefore, we have plans for:

  • Dream Scouts Dream Journaling Software

    • Creator of the Alchera Dream Journaling Software, Harry Bosma from The Netherlands,
      is currently working on the Dream Scouts Journaling Software 
      which will be made available to Dream Scouts.  In addition to dream journaling capacity,
      the software will allow for Scouts to track their own dream progress.

  • The Dream Scouts Handbook

    • Through the development of online activities, the Dream Scouts International staff 
      is already working on the Dream Scouts Handbook, which will be available to all
      participants in the program.

  • Multi-language Bulletin Boards 

    • Though the current language of the Dream Scouts is English, the idea is universal. 
      Therefore we hope to be able to accommodate speakers of languages other than English. 

  • And What About the Books

    The first of the Dream Scouts Adventure Books, Under the Crystal Tree, is nearing publication.  Chapter one of this book can be downloaded for free here on the web site.  We invite you to enjoy it.

    Future books will feature Miriam, a case of stolen diamonds, and the dancing grandmothers.


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