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Therapeutic Work and Research

HeronDuring the thirteen years I directed Poseidia Institute, I conducted dream work groups in many locations, and helped to develop the nascent International Association for the Study of Dreams, of which I am currently a Board member.

This was an exciting time of interchange between dream researchers, dream workers and therapists.  Through dialogue and correspondence with people like Ann Faraday, Stanley Krippner, Robert Van deCastle, Patricia Garfield, Jeremy Taylor and others, I learned new techniques for working with dreams and developed some of my own.

Throughout this time, I worked on my own research on mutual and group dreaming, which we called Dreams to the Tenth Power.  Participants in this research, who ranged in age from sixteen to sixty, and who lived in different parts of the world, were divided into groups of ten, given monthly goals, and attempted to meet one another in the dream state--which they did with a considerable degree of success.

Because of my almost daily contact with dreamers and their extraordinary dreams, I became more and more convinced of the important role dreaming can play in self-understanding and right living.

However, it was not until I met Mexican psychologist, Dr. Hector Kuri-Cano and began eight years of intensive training with him in Energetic Metatherapy, that I felt I understood how to unfailingly access the meaning of a dream, through connecting with the body, the "felt sense," not just the mind.  For a more complete discussion of this subject, you can read the paper I presented at the Association for the Study of Dreams annual conference in the year 2000 in Washington D.C.

The work I do now with dreams, DreamWork/BodyWork, is a fusion of the two disciplines of dream work and Bioenergetic work, available for groups or individuals in workshops or private sessions.

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