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Prints  Copyright Robin Wood  When I began my career as a newspaper reporter in 1970 in Beckley, West Virginia, I thought I had discovered heaven. With an Editor who would back his journalists on any story as long as there was proof, I set out to clean up the mean streets. Within two years, I saw to the demise of a juvenile court judge who believed jailing juveniles with adult offenders was good for them, aided in the firing of a corrupt Chief of Police, covered a strip mining story that almost got me shot. I also learned how to write a news story.

But it didn't take me long after moving from this mecca to discover that most newspapers were less interested in reporting news than creating it. So I turned my attention in other directions.

One of the most interesting jobs I've held was that of Senior Editor for The Donning Company's Starblaze line of science fiction and fantasy. During the 1980s, the company was one of the first to publish graphic novels and a line of illustrated novels, which put me in contact with some of the greatest authors and illustrators in the field, such as Anne McCaffery, Robin Wood, Stephen Hickman, Michael Kaluta, and David Cherry.

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