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World Dreams Peace BridgeWhen I was in my twenties, I was fortunate enough to meet a Philadelphia Quaker, George Willoughby, at an Encampment for Citizenship being held in Puerto Rico.  George invited me to come on scholarship to a program he was teaching in called Upland Institute.  Thus I became the only kid on my block to do graduate work at a "school for social conflict management."

"If you kids are going to be marching and protesting anyway," George said, "you might as well have someone teach you how to do it right."  And they did: two Baptists from the staff of Crozier Theological Seminary and two Quakers from the American Friends Service Committee.  We had classes in community organizing, lectures from activists like Bayard Rustin, even a class in street speaking.

My field work that year was with Charles Walker, then head of AFSC's College Committee.  I spent the year conducting Conscientious Objector training all up and down the East coast, and came away a committed pacifist.

In the years following that, pacifism became embedded in my personal philosophy, more an idea than an action.  We were living in relatively peaceful times, and though I was a social activist, world peace was not the issue in the forefront.

All of this changed for me on the morning of September 22, 2001.  It was not so much the effect of terrorist bombings that affected me, but the number of precognitive dreams that I saw from my position as moderator of the Online Bulletin Board of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and the effect I knew that those dreams were going to have.  That same week, I wrote about my own precognitive dream, along with its call to action, in an article entitled, "Dealing With Precognitive Dreamer Guilt."

It occurred to me that this was the ideal time to ask dreamers around the world if they would like to join a World Dreams Peace Bridge.

In the past, I had been involved with peace activism on the streets.  This was a different kind of peace activism I was asking for us to explore: dream activism.

The results of this experiment have been somewhat astonishing, even to me.  Although we have not stopped any wars yet, the members of The World Dreams Peace bridge, in following their dreams, have created a unique and growing contribution toward the day when Peace might actually exist in the world.

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