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Dream Scout Activity

Make a Dream Windsock

Dream Scouts will design windsocks of their dreams.  

For all ages:  Think about what pictures symbolize dreams to you or images that have appeared in your dreams.  Draw them, cut them out of magazines, or anywhere else to place on your windsock.

For the teenagers and adults:  Choose one of the aspects of dreaming covered in the Crystal Tree page...  design a windsock on that theme from the dreams you have incubated  i.e. Lucid, Mutual Dreaming, Healing, etc.

There will be a couple of different ways to make windsocks presented on this page.

Construction Paper Windsock 


paper streamers
blue construction paper,
glue, stapler, scissors, and tape
white chalk or silver glitter
yarn or string


Use white chalk, glue on cut out pictures from magazines, anything that symbolizes dreams to you and decorate the construction paper.

Form the blue construction paper into a cylinder, glue or tape the shorter side closed.  (you can staple to secure even better).

Attach streamers to one end.  You can be creative and use yarn, strips of newspaper, or anything that will dangle from the end.

Cut 3 12" strings/yarn and tape them to the cylinder about 6" apart.

Knot the 3 strings together to make a hanger.

Hang your windsock in your room or outside.  Take a picture and share it with us... we'll post it on the site.

Newspaper Windsock



5 sheets newspaper
3 yards yarn


Lay four sheets of the newspaper out on the floor, one on top of the other. 

Roll into a hollow cylinder approximately four inches in diameter. Tape it in place so that if forms a tube. 

Tear remaining sheet of newspaper into strips. Tape to the end of the tube for a streamer effect. 

Attach yarn to one end and hang. 

You can paint the newspaper or cover it in magazine clipings, Newspaper headlines, decorate your wind sock with things that symbolize your dreams.

Display and try to send us a picture of it to place on the Dream Scouts website.

Windsock suggestion by Julian and Michael Diaz (ages 9 and 7)

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