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To go beyond dreaming is to go beyond the ordinary definition of dreams as nighttime movies, however helpful they may be.  Beyond dreaming is the acceptance of a theory that reality may be more than we ordinarily perceive it to be, and that dreams may be a very valid and important part of that reality, gaining in value as we give them credence.

Jean Campbell
Dreams Beyond Dreaming

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Jean Campbell

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Lydia A. Armistead, LCSW

I began my study of dreams when I was in my late twenties, after having a series of vivid and thought provoking dreams.

By the time I met Dr. Hector Kuri-Cano in 1989, I had conducted many, many dream groups and dream research projects.  I had explored numerous methods for working with dreams: gestalt therapy, psychodrama, Jungian psychotherapy, and creative expression.

Yet the first time I witnessed Hector's work with a dream, I knew I was watching a master at work.  There was an entire level of dream work, one which filled the void between mind and body that is found in most approaches to dream work, which was functioning in Hector's work.

From working with this great teacher on my own dreams, and from working with the dreams of others, I developed DreamWork/BodyWork.  For more on this approach toward working with dreams, you can read this paper,
which I presented at the 2000 Conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams in Washington, D.C.

For more about Dr. Hector Kuri-Cano and his work in Energetic Metatherapy, go here

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